Muskin Law Offices

Current Highlights

Fairfield Sentry Litigation

We are defending a major French financial institution in a clawback case spawned by the Bernard Madoff debacle. The case seeks to recover payments received for shares redeemed before the exposure of the Ponzi scheme, and is one of over 200 similar cases that have been consolidated for pre-trial purposes in the New York Bankruptcy Court. The cases are still in their early stages.

Tribune Leveraged Buyout Litigation

We are representing a former shareholder of the Tribune Company whose shares were bought out during the 2007 leveraged buyout. There are over 40 similar cases, now consolidated in New York, in which creditors of the Tribune Company seek to reverse the buyout and recover the amounts paid for the shares.

Mortgage Securities Litigation

We were counsel to the financial institution plaintiff in an action against the arranger and rating agency for two structured investment vehicles which failed during the financial crisis of 2007-08.

Advertising Litigation

We have handled numerous disputes for one of the major outdoor advertising companies, a long-time client.

Malta (EU)

The firm has been pleased to collaborate with the Malta (EU) law office of Anthia A. Zammit, Esq., specializing in health, life science, pharmaceutical, and corporate law and regulation. With its strategic central Mediterranean location, full EU and Eurozone membership and well-regarded banking system, Malta provides a unique English-speaking business entry point in Europe and the Middle East. We look forward to assisting clients with interests in this area.

Cross-Border Discovery

Cross-border discovery presents a host of international conflicts between the broad discovery allowed under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the much narrower rules applicable in most European countries. The 1970 Hague Evidence Convention attempted to harmonize these differences but it does not always work well. We have been working with international counsel in seeking solutions under a much older law, 28 U.S.C. ยง1782, which grants broad US discovery rights to parties involved in foreign litigation.